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Our seminars

Journey to the Heart: The Inner Path

Your life can change with this seminar prepared by Master of Meditation Daniel Mitel and held by educators from The School of The Heart in different countries around the world! Join the "Heart Travelers" in this work that will change your life.

Imagination from the Heart: Clearing the Past and Renewing Oneself

It is the oldest technique used by many masters from ancient times to the present. By balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of people, it helps to dissolve the blockages that they are not aware of.

Healing Circle with Om Sound

Om sound is known as a spiritual mantra that gives peace and tranquility to people. It is known that the vibration of the "Om" sound that people make with their own voice physically relaxes the muscle and nervous system, thus calming the mind and regulating the heart rhythm. This effect increases exponentially in group studies. With this work in which the heart is opened and purified, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of all people are balanced and purification takes place.

Power of Heart - Coming Soon...

With this seminar on HeartMath Techniques, you will witness the power of the heart.

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