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Healing Power of the Heart:

Heart Time


To be freed from the past,

To get rid of the burdens and lighten,

Do you want to build a healthier new "you"?

What is Heart Imagery?

It is the oldest technique used by many masters from ancient times to the present. By balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of people, it helps to dissolve the blockages that they are not aware of.

As you learn how to move your soul from your brain to your heart with this visualization technique, you lighten yourself by clearing your past and emotional traumas.

What are the Benefits?

  • You learn how to move your soul from your brain to your heart with its unique, easy-to-apply imagery system.

  • You will discover how to transform your intense and heavy energies (anger, fear, frustration, anger, envy, depression, etc.) into positive beautiful energies (unconditional love, calmness, peace and harmony, etc.).

  • By clearing your past and emotional traumas, you lighten your own being.

  • You learn methods that can reverse the effects of a disease.

  • You can switch to lucid dreaming by clearing your dreams and nightmares.

  • You can cleanse, strengthen and revitalize ve your chakras.

  • You learn how to heal yourself.

  • You learn how to let go of your worries and connect with your essence.

  • You learn to use your life energy, Prana, effectively to invigorate and cleanse yourself.

  • You enjoy connecting more with the energy of Mother Nature.

  • You experience being in the here and now, that is, the moment, independent of the mind and thoughts.

  • You realize the flow of forgiveness ve forgiveness from that holy place of the heart.

  • You learn to clear them by reconnecting with your three transforming chakra centers, which are essential and essential for ascension: the navel, the heart center, and the Third Eye.

  • You learn how to train yourself to use the most effective spiritual technique, Gratitude .

© Kalbin Okulu

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