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©Journeys to the Heart: Inner Self

Journey to the Heart is a seminar based on the experience of masters and mystics since the existence of mankind on this world.


This seminar, which teaches human beings different ways of going to the place of the heart, includes works to help participants experience the Tiny Space of the Heart.

Some Exercises and Meditations Included:


  • Healing Circle (108 OM)

  • Reconnection with the Mother Earth, Universe and the Upper-Self

  • Torus of the Heart

  • Intuitive Path

  • Belly Method

  • Breath Method

  • Forgiveness Dance

  • Heart Concentration Method

  • Third Eye Path

©Journey to the Heart

Inner Self

Join Heart Passengers with this work that can change your life!

What are the benefits of Journey to Heart techniques?

  • It helps heal patterns and emotional traumas from beliefs.

  • It harmonizes with the changing new vibration of Mother Earth.

  • It provides reconnection with the changing new energy of the Mother Earth and the cosmic vibration of the Universe.

  • It provides re-connection with the Higher-Self.

  • For two days, you will learn the best method that suits you with heart meditations.

  • In this life or in the conflicts you bring from past lives, you learn to forgive those who abuse you and yourself.

  • You will learn how to adapt to the rising feminine energy on Earth since December 2012 and how to open your heart.

  • You experience living in the heart.

  • You learn to be a citizen of the universe and to approach all the world's problems from an unconditional love perspective.

© Journeys Into The Heart: Inner Self

For a Journey to Your Heart
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