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If you want to realize your dreams,

if you want to reach your potential,

You must master the 'imagery'.

Are you ready to build a new 'You'?

What is Heart Imagery?

It is the oldest technique used by masters from ancient times to the present day. It helps to solve the blockages that people are not aware of by balancing their mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


By learning how to go from your brain to your heart with this imaging technique, you clear your past and emotional traumas and relieve yourself.

How does it work?

Imagery is a very powerful skill, and you will master it as you practice. You may have heard the law of attraction, the expression of creation. Your brain has a region called the Reticular Activation System (RAS). This is where neuron networks are located. This center only allows certain information, like a filter, to pass into the brain.


So who programs this filter?


Of course, this filter is programmed by you and people of your childhood. Suppose you find yourself unloved, worthless, unsuccessful; Reticular Activation System shows you every situation that you dislike, feel worthless, and fail. That's why you need to reprogram the Reticular Activation System. You can only do this through imagery. So now your brain starts looking for new ways, sees opportunities and catches coincidences.


To change all the negative emotions you feel, the feeling in your heart must change. It is precisely here that the heart, the center of feelings, comes into play. Thanks to the work done with heart imaging, you know who you really want to be and what you want to be and reprogram the Reticular Activation System. Thus, you can feel happier, full of gratitude, more joyful, more enjoyable, bigger. You can see yourself where you dream.

The brain does not understand that something is real or image. Regardless of whether your brain is an image, it turns what you see into reality. The more you imagine, the more you feel confident and you will feel safer.

Wouldn't you like to get the change you want in your life?

To achieve the change you desire, change your registered code by analyzing the hidden blockages in your body, mind and emotions with the Heart Imagery study. May your life change.

Discover the desires of your heart!

For a Journey to Your Heart
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