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Management Coaching

The person in the heart of a business is the leader

and the leader's heart determines the future of the business .

Personalized Management Coaching

When leaders develop their own performance, the benefit is seen throughout the organization. Trainings and workshops are a general work for everyone, and one-to-one work provides more effective support through personalized coaching. The main purpose here is to make people more efficient and successful.

It helps leaders discover their unique talents and unleash their hidden potential to showcase the necessary change. This also unlocks the potential in their own teams and serves companies and institutions to achieve desired performance levels and company goals.

The Management Coach is like a secret thought partner.

It offers support in developing effective leadership style or pathway, achieving success in planning and management, developing communication skills, setting goals and many more.

It helps leaders and executives realize their potential and achieve the transformation and change they desire in their work to create an effective working framework by establishing the balance of work and life, and to develop good leadership behaviors.

Resilient Heart

What is Resilient Heart training, what does it bring?

  • Initial training to reduce stress and increase flexibility with a science-based approach to company departments and teams.

  • In case of continuity, about 40% decrease in stress level.

  • Measurements for Heart Rate and Heart and Mind compatibility with HeartMath® Inner Balance ™ during training

  • HeartMath techniques; positive and refreshing emotions are activated with conscious breathing, observing changes in heart rhythm and heart compatibility with measurements.

Heart Communication

What is Heart to Heart Communication training, what does it bring?

  • Initial training to improve communication between company employees, departments and teams, to combine the right communication techniques with the intelligence of the heart. 

  • It enables teams to adapt in projects or meetings.

  • Improves collaboration, communication and performance during the day. 

  • It increases creativity and innovation.

  • The relationship between emotions, stress and performance becomes more understandable.

Image by Brooke Cagle
Heart of a Leader

What does Heart of a Leader training bring?


  • It enables the development of power for creativity for leaders.

  • It improves taking responsibility by providing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual development.

  • It offers the ability to embody abstract concepts.

  • It develops leadership qualities that serve its business, in connection with high values and ideals.

  • It brings results and long-term true success without being dependent on short-term results and success.

Image by Austin Distel

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