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What is your heart's desire?

Why you come to this

life, what to learn and teach?

What are your potentials?

Yıldızların Rehberliğine


 AstralRota ile Kendi Yıldızlarınızın Dilini Öğrenin.

AstralRota, sizlere yıldızların rehberliğinde içsel bir yolculuk sunar. Astrolojik harita yorumlama, ileriye dönük öngörüler, rektifikasyon çalışmaları ve ruhsal derinlikte birçok rapor ile size özel bir deneyim sağlıyoruz.

What is the Heart Astrology?

The only place where happiness felt is the heart. Personal happiness comes only when your mind is aligned with your heart. If your mind is in your heart, you are happy. The happiness search outside is temporary. You fall in love, but the person in front of you will not behave the way you want, you will be restless, or you will achieve a goal you are aiming for, but there is still a sense of incompleteness.

So how is permanent happiness achieved?

With Socrates' philosophy, "Those who do not know themselves cannot understand life". Trying to understand the source of your own behavior and thoughts and knowing the motivation behind it will solve you.

Why does your mind want to change the person you love? Or why not satisfied when achieves something, and why goes after something else? Or when someone does something or tells something you why do you react as if your button was pressed?

With the Astrology of the Heart, we understand the imbalances we are experiencing behind us. We discover connections with infancy, childhood and youth, with the family, parents and the environment. When we understand the effects of important characters that have had an impact on our lives, we take the necessary steps for change.

When we go down to the roots of the internal unrest only then we can only correct them. Heart Astrology is one of the fastest and definitive tools to understand them. By understanding the way your inner dynamics work and correcting the behavior patterns in your life, you achieve permanent happiness.

The astrology map is a picture of our inner identity and shows you your inner self. Your inner world is different from other people and your body is its reflection.

What is the study content of the astrology map?

In this study, a special report is prepared for you. This report describes the identity of your soul, the underlying causes behind the events you are experiencing, which horoscopes are your test, what you need, what positive or negative behavior patterns your identity may have, and the underlying causes of these patterns. It shows you your true potential with the natal map evaluated with prenatal eclipses.

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