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Getting to know your baby during development, understanding

and would you like to support it properly ?

What is Baby Astrology?

Wondering what character your baby has?

Every baby is special and unique. They are born with their unique nature and abilities. The events they experience in the development process, that is, in infancy and childhood, the effects they receive, determine what kind of individual they will be in youth and adulthood.

It is important for their future to support your baby in the development process in order to reveal his/her own talent and nature. The first step to become a healthy individual in the future is to know the two most important assets in his/her life, that is, mother and father knowing him and giving right directions while growing up. The emotional approach of your baby, the connection with the mother and the father and the process of establishing relationships with them will affect her whole life.

The first step you will take to get to know your baby with My Baby Astrology is one of the best gifts to be given to it.

What is the content of the study of Baby Astrology?

In this study, a special report is prepared for your baby. This report tells you what your baby needs, what kind of identity he/she has, what behavior patterns has, and how you should approach and support him/her for your baby's healthy development. The natal map, evaluated in conjunction with prenatal eclipses, reveals its true potential and the areas in which it can be directed.

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