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At the root of any situation arising for the individual, there is a piece of the family clan to which he belongs. The family constellations finds, removes and resolves the causes and answers of these situations from within the family clan of individuals.

What is Family System Therapy?

The 'Family Constellations' method is based on the 'collective consciousness' theory, thesis that the experiences of all humanity is hidden in the DNA . According to this method, it carries parts of all the thoughts and feelings of the past emotions in the past.


Family Constellations which emerged in Germany in the 90s, is based on the understanding that the family has been connected to each other with an invisible bond for generations.

Human is born into a system and grows and develops within this system. Accordingly, it carries the physical and emotional traces of this family system through both the genes it brings in her own DNA and mental states.

Emotions are contained in everything that exists in families, couples, institutions, in short. These emotions form an area and form systems in these areas. Emotional deadlocks in a system cause problems. Examples of such crashes are accidents, migration, premature death, miscarriage, abortion, murder, injustice, kidnapping and being unwanted children. Occurrences caused by such or similar situations can sometimes arise as a series of problems in people of the same generation, sometimes in the next generations.

Whatever the problem is, the answer to all of them can be resolved in the Family Constellations, that is, all of these locks can be opened. During the sessions, you will be able to see how your family members feel, their fears, anxieties, and the points where they get stuck, through the counselor. When you realize what those people are experiencing, your emotions begin to transform.


Feelings like anger and hate are reduced, and you feel that your soul is liberating and getting free.

What are the benefits of Family System Therapy?

Overcome your obstacles with the Family System Therapy!

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