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Our illnesses are an expression of our conflicts related to our daily life created by our minds.

Do you know that the treatment of diseases is hidden in ourselves?

Our body is a reflection of our mind. There are important clues behind our mental and physical ailments.

Through Recall Healing, you discover deeply hidden emotions behind the diseases that exist in the body. Understanding and working on these emotions makes an important contribution to the healing process of diseases.



If you have a condition and have been diagnosed by the specialist doctor about what exactly is your disease, you can also find the root cause of the disease, speed up your healing process and prevent recurrence through Recall Healing while your medical treatment is in progress.

In Recall Healing technique, each disease has a different mental cause. In the study, the questions asked to the client are made to understand the mental cause of the disease and the solution is reached.


The Recall Healing technique has been developed as a result of a combination of medical specialties in different fields, specific scientific research, long-term observations on humans and animals. This technique helps you regain your health by shedding light on the development of the disease through life cycles and lives of our ancestors.

Our illnesses are trying to tell us something.

"You are consciously building your own life story, which contributes to a greater sense of freedom for those who come first and then your descendants ..."

From the book Recall Healing - Health Pyramid, Dr. Gilbert Renaud

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