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Are You Ready to Revitalize Your Life With Kalpten Bir'e?

Let's Walk Together to Discover Your True Self!

It was founded with the aim of helping individuals to improve their awareness and regain their mental, emotional and spiritual balance through individual counseling services and seminars. At the same time, it offers options in the corporate field with its seminars for corporate solutions that meet the needs of the companies and the Management Consultancy services.


With the support of The School of the Heart Teachers, you can make miracles possible by experiencing the privilege of exploring the world of the heart.


With Recall Healing, you can realize why you are sick and what emotion and thought pattern you have at the root of this disease, and you can step into a healthy life.


With Family System Therapy, you can understand what genes you carry from your family and your ancestors and who you act with, and you can be free from them and solve the situations that challenge you in your life.

By getting Family or Couple Therapy, you can work on matters that you think you can not overcome in your relationship and you can choose a more peaceful life by learning healthy and fluent communication.

With the Heart Astrology, you can understand who you really are, learn what your purpose of life is, realize what potentials you have, and while learning all this, you can discover the light of your heart and get rid of the vicious cycles you live.


With My Baby Astrology, you can give the greatest gift to your baby or a relative's baby. When you learn all the potentials of the baby by making the correct character definition, you can ensure that the baby grows up as a healthier and peaceful individual.

​Thanks to the simple techniques developed by HeartMath, you can restore your capacity to cope with the difficult situations encountered, make your reactions more harmonious and balanced, and regain your physical and mental health.

With these unique experiences, you will both have a lot of fun and be amazed by noticing the causes of the bottlenecks in your life, and you will not believe what has changed in your life with these awareness.

Individual Activities

We make guidance on your own journey by doing individual works with you in areas such as Family Constellations, Family Counseling, Recall Healing, HeartMath, Heart Imagery, Heart Astrology and Baby Astrology.

Corporate Activities and Trainings

In addition to seminars for corporate solutions that meet the needs of institutions and Management Coaching services, we also offer options for companies in the corporate field.

Who are we?

Erkan Erkaya, HearthMath Mentor

He was graduated from Middle East Technical University  Mining Engineering department and worked in Turkey's leading International Mining Company for almost nineteen years. After working as a senior manager in the same company in the last ten years, he completed his corporate career in the position of Assistant General Manager.

He attended numerous trainings throughout his working life. While continuing his academic education on Mind-Body-Spirit at Trust Human Academy, which is approved by Acıbadem University Continuous Education and Development Center (ASEGEM), he completed Classical Astrology education from the “Wisdom of the Skies School” and completed it in the same periods. After that, he successfully completed Access Consciousness trainings and Mayotherapy trainings.

Gülce Tartal, Family Counselor and Trainer

After graduating from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology, she worked as a senior manager in international companies for seventeen years.

Throughout her career, she attended many more trainings including Breath Therapies, Sound Therapies, Heal Your Life, Unconditional Love and Relationships, Family Sequence, Healthy Eating, Mayotherapy, Recall Healing. Meanwhile, at Acıbadem University Continuing Education and Development Center (ASEGEM), she completed her academic education on Mind-Body-Spirit at Trust Human Academy, and ended her corporate business life with all her experience and switched to his teaching life.


Aren Invincible

During my heart journey with Gülce and Erkan, I met many aspects of both my body and my soul that I haven't met yet. Thank you for everything.

Asiye Kuruçay

I met Kalpten Bir'e a year ago. Especially with the HeartMath technique, I overcame my panic disorder and anxiety problem under Erkan's coach.

Aynil Aybaba

We received therapy with my wife from Gülce, who we encountered while looking for family counseling. We captured completely different dimensions in our relationship with the points and solutions it showed us. With our heartfelt thanks ...

For a Journey to Your Heart
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