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See all the dynamics about money in your family with the Family Cash Flow Game.

What is Family Cash Flow Game?

Founded by American writer, investor and motivational speaker Robert Kiyosaki, Cash Flow Education Game is a game designed to improve your financial intelligence and increase your financial literacy level.


Kiyosaki has developed ways to get out of the “Mouse Trap” with his own words through the game. Kiyosaki argues that being rich or poor does not change anything, what matters is that people manage their money correctly.

The perception of money in us shows how we manage money and this determines our financial situation. No matter how much we earn, we cannot strengthen our financial situation if we cannot manage money well and how we manage to change. With all these perceptions, the financial situation of the family we have established is determined in this way.


With the Family Cash Flow Game, you start to see clearly the dynamics that cannot be seen about money in the family.


What are the Benefits of Family Cash Flow Game?

In the game, when you are exposed to unexpected spending in daily life, even if you have children, you can see that you can easily accumulate and learn the right strategies.


  • Who likes to invest in the family, who is afraid of investment?

  • How do family members approach each other in such situations?

  • What risks can be taken, what risks should not be taken?

  • How many investments are the investments we think are guaranteed?


You have the opportunity to see all this in the game and you will improve yourself.


The important thing in the game is that each of the family members see their own perceptions on monetary issues and realize how they reflect these perceptions on family dynamics.


Through the Family Cash Flow Game, you can clearly see why you have financial problems in your family, and you can solve it with your family counselor, your on-site solution. Moreover, you do this with great fun.

Call us now to join this very enjoyable game that you will experience learning while having fun and analyzing while learning and will present you the key of wealth.

Try Cash Flow for better management of your family budget and the right savings!


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