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Increase efficiency and profitability in your company with Corparate System Therapy!

What is the Corporate System Therapy?

Corporate System Therapy is a powerful new method to analyze complex problems in businesses, find sustainable solutions and take necessary steps. It gives managers in the organization a deep insight and helps you identify the source of a problem in a short time.


Corporate System Therapy can be used to analyze the institution or any situation in the organization in general. It also helps guide leaders to gain insight and learn about critical decisions they need to make.


Corporate System Therapy offers new solutions to the company and solves problems that cannot be overcome in the organizational structure. The organization brings a deep understanding of the relationships between managers, teams, employees and customers. It enables the issue to be solved in a short time with an integrated approach.


Where is Corporate System Therapy used?

  • While making administrative decisions in organizational transformation processes,

  • In marketing processes,

  • In product development, needs and correct market determination stages,

  • While investigating the reasons for the low market share in product and service sales,

  • In leadership processes,

  • When determining the strategy,

  • When investigating solutions to recurring problems,

  • It is used to identify the reasons that are not seen under the conflicts for the company.

How does it work?

Corporate System Therapy focuses on business questions. After determining the question, the active elements (topics) are determined. These issues can be managers, departments, goals, market, strategy or money. The interactions of the subjects with each other and their contribution to the question asked are also investigated.

Institutions are like organisms and they are alive. Every organization has its own dynamics. This dynamic is formed with the awareness of people, namely employees, managers, business owners, customers and investors. Their interaction creates systemic awareness, which leads to the development of corporate culture or behavior. Discovering and analyzing hidden dynamics between these connections brings the solution sought by itself.

Corporate System Therapy looks at the business with a systematic approach and helps organizations determine a natural and balanced path. It gives foresight to determine the right approach in investment decisions or processes such as partnership and division.

Increase your company's profitability with Corporate System Therapy

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