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About Us

Kalpten Bir'e was established to help individuals develop their awareness and regain their mental, emotional and spiritual balance through individual sessions and seminars. With the support of The School of The Heart trainers, experience the privilege of exploring the world of the heart.


In this unique experience, you will both have a lot of fun and be amazed by noticing the causes of the bottlenecks in your life, and you will not believe what has changed in your life with these awareness.

About Us

Erkan Erkaya
Executive Advisor
HeartMath Mentor
Gülce Tartal
Family Therapist

Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering Mining Engineering after graduating from the department of Turkey's leading International Mining worked nineteen years. After working as a senior manager in the same company in the last ten years, he completed his corporate career in the position of Assistant General Manager.


He attended numerous trainings throughout his working life. While continuing his academic education on Mind-Body-Spirit at Trust Human Academy, approved by Acıbadem University Continuing Education and Development Center (ASEGEM), he completed his Classical Astrology education from the “Wisdom of the Skies School” during these periods. After that, he successfully completed Access Consciousness trainings and Mayotherapy trainings.


Engaged in research on scientific facts and the heart of America's board by completing the HeartMath Institute of HeartMath training took first mentor certificate in Turkey.


Then in different countries all over the world offering training seminars and meditation on the heart of The School of The Heart was one of the first and leading trainers in Turkey.


He is currently the founding partner and manager of the Consulting Company from Kalpden Bir'e.


Consulting from Kalpten Bir'e:


  • HeartMath Trauma Mitigation Program

  • HeartMath Resilient Heart

  • Mental Causes and Analysis of Diseases with Recall Healing

  • Heart to Heart Communication Program

  • Journey to the Heart: The Inner Path

  • Cleaning the Past with Heart Imagination and Self-Renewal

Its seminars were established to help individuals develop their awareness and regain their mental, emotional and physical balances with individual and corporate consultancy services.

After graduating from Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology, she worked as a senior manager in international companies for seventeen years.


Throughout her working life, she attended many more trainings including Breath Therapies, Sound Therapies, Heal Your Life, Unconditional Love and Relationships, Family Sequence, Healthy Eating, Mayotherapy, Recall Healing. Meanwhile, at Acıbadem University Continuing Education and Development Center (ASEGEM), he completed her academic education on Mind-Body-Spirit at Trust Human Academy, and ended her corporate business life with all her experience and switched to his teaching life.

America, Thailand and went to Egypt, all describing the scientific truth of the heart in different countries around the world and offering training and seminars on the heart meditation The School of The Heart was one of the first and leading trainers in Turkey.

Continuing his individual studies with Claudette after her “The Language of the Heart” Training, which is one of the best known tutors and practitioners of the Imagination sessions all over the world and who works in different countries, and also received the Drunvalo Melchizedek's wife Claudette Melchizedek in Arizona. She developed herself with all her aspects about Imagination from the Heart. Thus, for the first time introduced the Heart Imagination began to help people with individual sessions in Turkey.

When the family returned to Turkey by taking on the title of Sociologist Consultant and Trainer ID and also started at the couples therapy.

Erkan says;

We think that our life starts with the first breath. But actually it all starts with the first heartbeat heard while the mother is in the womb. Before our body is created, our unique and beautiful temple, our heart, which is our shelter where our soul accommodates, is created. And here we find the virtues of the heart, the joy of life. But when we remember the heart, we remember who we really were. When we use the intelligence of the heart, we can easily overcome existing problems.


For this reason, my aim is to contribute to the development of people in the corporate and individual sense by using the awareness tools I have added to myself with my 19 years of management experience and to provide support for their needs with the tools that will facilitate the coordination of managers and employees, and increase their performance and development, and use them in making strategic decisions. To contribute to the development of a more profitable, efficient and workable business environment with appropriate methods.

Gülce says;

When I was a tiny girl, my grandfather used to tell me that the heart could do anything that I could not have imagined. He continued to explain the importance and meaning of the heart at every opportunity until he left this realm. The intersection of my path with "Daniel Mitel" and "The School of the Heart" is almost a time when her soul leaves here. After this period, I started to understand much more clearly the importance of keeping the heart and mind balance together with my personal and corporate experiences. I continued to develop myself in this direction and eventually I became a trainer by concentrating on this and started to touch people's lives.


We witness every day that people have problems in all their relationships, suffer love, feel loneliness and fight various diseases. We see that everyone has big problems in their lives, but the saddest point is that they are not even aware that all of these are created by their own minds.

Our mission here is to awaken people and make them aware and re-connect with their hearts. Once they feel that strong, wonderful, loving energy of the heart, their lives will start to change, and they will change their destiny in life as their own reality begins to change.

Just as a mother's life changes with a heartbeat she feels on her stomach, the fate of a person, a country or even the world will change when each individual begins to notice her own heartbeat. I believe this with all my heart.

Are you ready to hit the road for a new You?

For a Journey to Your Heart
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