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Listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart to achieve physical, mental and emotional balance!

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Building Your Personal Strength!

Do you want to learn HeartMath Techniques that will help you deal with stress in your life?

The HeartMath Institute is an organization that conducts scientific research to provide people with tools that can help people understand “who they really are” to help them live a healthier, happier life, build a bright future, understand the effects of the heart, and discover how people can achieve their own integrity.


In fact, our body is one of the most important messenger that give signals that some things are not working as a result of the stress we experience. The ongoing tension becomes “normal” for you when you ignore these signals or don't notice them. In this case, your energy will run out in the face of situations, events and people who consume your inner batteries. Exhausted energy causes anxiety, anger, irritability, anger, and stress hormones to be secreted for long hours and consuming your inner energy.


HeartMath techniques include 6 simple and practical basic techniques that can help you relax in the challenging situations you encounter. These techniques help you to reorganize the energy you need in situations that reduce your energy during the day. By applying these science-based techniques, in stressful moments, you change the way your physiology responds. These techniques that you will learn allow you to recover your energy quickly when it is needed and help everything get in the way faster. The good thing is, nobody even knows you're using HeartMath techniques.


Thanks to these techniques that will allow you to take control in stressful moments and make you more durable and resistant, you are free from your stressful thoughts and feelings.


Emotions that consume you discharge your battery, and lower your energy. When you apply these techniques, your body's responses to stress are reduced, your nervous system is synchronized, your heart rhythm is regulated, thus improving your mental capacity.


These techniques are the most important and simple techniques you can use to create useful and sustainable changes at the physiological level. It allows you to easily recover in conditions such as illness, depression, anxiety disorder, hyperactivity, distraction or in all kinds of adverse conditions. In addition, your sleep quality increases.

Charge Your Batteries!

When you apply the simple techniques developed by HeartMath, you regain your capacity to cope with the difficult situations encountered and make your responses more harmonious and balanced. At the same time, you keep your internal energy reserves, that is, your batteries constantly charged. Thanks to these easy-to-apply techniques, you can lead a more serene, healthy and peaceful life in all areas of your life.

Ease in life is possible!

For a Journey to Your Heart
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