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Let's work together to resolve conflicts and build healthier relationships!

What is Family, Marriage, Couple Therapy?

The most basic building block of the society is the smallest unit, family. Changing life conditions over time and the dynamics brought by the modern World have changed the way of family life. Issues such as the responsibilities of the life of both men and women try to maintain in equal conditions, sharing the same environment, the need to balance, and people's efforts to understand each other can actually lead to family conflicts. The health of the family unions that make up the society and the importance of family counseling emerge precisely at this point.


In the consultancy process, in which both parties participate, common new decisions are taken for reconciliation and solution by overcoming the issues that family members need to talk about each other.

PACT ® (Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy) Therapy, that is, the Psycho-Biological Approach Method to Couple Therapy, is the world-famous Dr. It is a couple therapy approach developed by Stan Tatkin as a result of recent research on the biological basis of neuroscience, attachment theory and human arousal. Thanks to PACT® Therapy, which is a highly practical and effective method that is based on the harmony of mind and body, it is ensured that even promising couples gain a new perspective and new skills that will enable them to develop safe working relationships. The ability of a couple who can manage their emotional states together determines whether that relationship will be successful or not. Partnership understanding is the most basic condition for the relationship to be safe and long-lasting. The PACT method provides an effective roadmap to the couples therapy approach by equipping the therapist with knowledge and techniques on developmental neuroscience, memory, rapid recognition systems, human stress model, attachment and regulation.


Therapy is performed by Gülce Tartal, who has an internationally valid PACT® certificate.

What are the benefits of getting family, marriage or couple therapy?

It is very important for the life and personality of the child to bring the conflicts to the right solutions for the parents with children. Especially in single-parent children, taking counseling in this process will reduce stress in all family members in order to prevent possible problems that may be reflected on the child.


Married couples, people with partners, people who have problems in their relationship with the mother / father or two close friends can get counseling. The overall aim of counseling is to resolve existing conflicts regardless of the identity of the relationship you are experiencing, and to resolve situations that cannot be overcome in the relationship by focusing on the emotion triggered by the behaviors of individuals and the reactions to these behaviors.


We can resolve the following issues, which are examples of the most common conflicts, together with you:

  • My wife does not help me at home.

  • I feel alone about the self-care and life of the child.

  • I cannot request.

  • I can't speak about our sexual problems.

  • I feel worthless in our common area.

  • After having our child, he is not interested in me as before.

  • I think he was not attentive to me, did not listen to me.

  • We love each other but we cannot get along, I feel unhappy.

  • I see that my wife cannot balance between her own parents and her own family.

    There is no problem that cannot be overcome, there is incomplete communication. You can work by leaning on the problems you are experiencing and see healthier completely different dimensions in your relationships.

Let's work together to resolve conflicts and build healthier relationships!

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