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Gülce Tartal and Erkan Erkaya ile

Journey to the Heart: The Inner Path

Place:Lorem Space, Nisantasi

History: 20-21 September 2019

Duration: Between 10:00 - 17:00

Content and Exercises

Your life can change with this seminar held by The School of The Heart educators in different countries all over the world!

Journey to the Heart is a seminar based on the experiences of the Masters and Mystics since the existence of human beings on this earth. In this seminar, which teaches human beings different methods of going to the space of the heart, the Awakening of the Enlightened Heart Seminars include studies that will help those who want to attend the Little Space of the Heart.

Some Exercises and Meditations Included:

  • Healing Circle (108 OM)

  • Reconnecting with Mother Earth, the Universe, and the Super-Self

  • Torss of the Heart

  • Intuitive Path

  • Belly Method

  • Breathing Method

  • Forgiveness Dance

  • Heart Concentration Method

  • Third Eye Path

For information and reservation, you can call: 0 532 381 5217 or 0 530 935 9720  or send an e-mail to

Note: Prepayment for final registration is 350 ₺. The total fee for the training is 888 ₺. Fees do not include VAT.

Call for payment and information.

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