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Healing Circle

With the vibration of your own voice, with an effective circle, 

your size healing assist the process.

Healing Circle with "Om" Sound

Om sound is known as a spiritual mantra that gives peace and tranquility to people. It is known that the vibration of the "Om" sound that people make with their own voice physically relaxes the muscle and nervous system, thus calming the mind and regulating the heart rhythm.

In group work, this effect increases exponentially. With this work in which the heart is opened and purified, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of all people are balanced and purification takes place.

What are the Benefits?

  • Emotional and mental purification takes place with the vocalization of the Om sound. Stress, fear and tension helps dissolve emotions.

  • Through this purification, you can connect with the Pure Energy within you lighten.

  • As it provides deep relaxation helps reorganize brain waves.

  • The vibration of the Om sound clears the vocal cords and sinuses.

  • You have greater control over your emotions and you begin to see situations and events more clearly.

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