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With Gülce Tartal and Erkan Erkaya

Healing Circle

January 9, 2019 Wednesday, 19:30

Lorem Space 

Healing Circle

Place:Lorem Space, Nisantasi

Date and time: 9 January 2019 Wednesday, 19:30

Duration: 2 saat

Whole Program Fee: 177 ₺

What's in the Program?

A work that can make a difference in your life with Gülce Tartal and Erkan Erkaya, experts at The School of The Heart, led by Daniel Mitel.

Om sound is known as a spiritual mantra that gives peace and tranquility to people. It is known that the vibration of the "Om" sound that people make with their own voice physically relaxes the muscle and nervous system, thus calming the mind and regulating the heart rhythm.

In group work, this effect increases exponentially. With this healing circle work, which is the beginning of the Journey to the Heart seminar, your hearts are opened and purified. The mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies of everyone involved are cleansed, balanced, and realigned.

For information and reservations, you can call: 0 532 381 5217 or 0 530 935 9720  or send an e-mail to

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