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The game was designed by Robert Kiyosaki to increase your "financial literacy" level. With your savings easily in your life in the game:
► Can invest
► May be exposed to unexpected expenses that you encounter in daily life
► You can even have a child.

While all this is going on (that is, as life goes by), opportunities come and go.

The important thing in the game is how you can evaluate these opportunities.

❓Will you take the risk or keep it guaranteed?
❓What risks can be taken?
❓How much investment do we consider as a guarantee?

With Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow Game, you will see the difference between active assets and passive assets, and you will be able to distinguish between good debt and bad debt without reading any books or training.

❗And most importantly: this game will motivate you to achieve your real life goals.

Cash Flow "Cash Flow" Game (Dual Participation)

₺4,200.00 Regular Price
₺3,950.00Sale Price
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