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Discover Your Light Retreat Program

The place where the stars appear closest to the Earth is in Kaş,

To find the permissions of his ancestors on the Lycian way,

Are you ready to discover your own path and light and get closer to yourself?

Place:Hotel Club Barbarossa, Kas-Antalya

History:20-23 April 2019

İçinizdeki gücü harekete geçirin, İç huzura kavuşun,

Belirsizlik zamanlarında merkezde ve sakin kalın ve Sınırlayıcı düşünce kalıplarını aşın.

What's in the Program?

Accompanied by Zeynep Ergen, Bilge Burcu Yavuz, Erkan Erkaya, Gülce Tartal and Serra Keçeli, what is included in the retreat program to be held in Kaş's Çukurbağ peninsula, where green meets blue, with a limited number of participants?


  • With the Healing Circle, you will purify your entire body, mind and soul.

  • By entering the Dream Circle, you will hear the sound of your dreams.

  • With aromatherapy, you will feel the healing touch of plants and awaken your senses.

  • By greeting the day with Yoga and Breathing exercises every morning, you will be prepared physically and mentally for the work of the day. 

  • With astrology, you will learn the identity of your soul and realize your own essence. 

  • With the Wisdom of the Body work, you will discover the trigger points in your body and relax your body. 

  • With Heart Meditations, you will open the door to truth and reconnect with nature and the universe. 

  • With Family Constellation, you will realize your perspectives on life and life and experience the freedom of accepting them.

  • With Heart Imaginations, you will be freed from your past, freed from your burdens and become lighter.

  • You will remember your creative side with the Interactive Art Workshop.

And finally, at the end of the retreat, you will meet your inner child and leave here complete with wisdom.


Luigi Sciambarella

Lucid Rüya Uzmanı

Ekran Resmi 2023-07-07 12.41.58.png

Zeynep Ergen

Sanat Tarihçisi ve Rüya Okuyucu


Gülce Tartal

Çift Terapisti/Aile Danışmanı ve İmgeleme Uzmanı


Erkan Erkaya

HeartMath Koçu

What are the Contents of the Studies in the Program?

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  1. Healing Circle


Om sound is known as a spiritual mantra that gives peace and tranquility to people. It is known that the vibration of the "Om" sound that people make with their own voice physically relaxes the muscle and nervous system, thus calming the mind and regulating the heart rhythm.

In group work, this effect increases exponentially. With this work in which the heart is opened and purified, the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of all people are balanced and purification takes place.


(All meditation, seminar and study contents are TSOTH and HeartMath registered and belong to Kalpten Bir. Seminars, sessions, studies and applications are not for diagnosis and/or treatment purposes.)

2. Family Constellation

Developed by the German therapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellation is a powerful technique that allows us to realize our perspectives on life and life, gives us a new, different perspective and a deep understanding in every situation that challenges us in our life, and makes us experience love and acceptance.

It enables us to see who owns our emotions that govern us in every aspect of our lives, whose burden, pain and sadness we carry, and with whom we connect. It is a very powerful therapy method that allows us to break away from these bonds with love.


(All meditation, seminar and study contents belong to Kalpten Bir. Seminars, sessions, studies and practices are not for diagnosis and/or treatment purposes.)

3. Dream Circle

In the Dream Circle; To speak in the language of the dream, To listen to what the dream wants to release, to intuit with the heart... Sometimes the courage to heal the wound of a bleeding nightmare, sometimes to a newly sprouted intention,

To evolve in the Dream of the Moment in the Dream of the Big Dreamer,

In the Journey of the Eternal and Eternal Truth Without Dreams, to the Possible in Possibility…

We meet in the DreamCircles in the Wisdom of the Ancient Archetypes.

During the Retreat, Dream Circles are intended for Participants to Remember Dreams, Distinguish Dream Symbols, Make Meaning of Recurring Dream Symbols, and Gain Individual and Collective Archetypal Knowledge.

Dream Working Method, Active Imagination, Process Psychology Expression/Body studies and Dream Guidance practices will be carried out in Dream Circles in Freud-Adler Jung Perspective, predominantly Jungian Archetypal Knowledge, Inspired by Ancient Symbols, developed in Dream-Body-Intuition Awareness. 


(All seminar, meditation and study contents belong to Zeynep Ergen. Seminars, sessions and practices are not for diagnosis and/or treatment purposes. Trademark is registered.)

 4. Imagination from the Heart


It is the oldest technique used by many masters from ancient times to the present ̧ . By balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of people, it helps to dissolve the blockages that they are not aware of.

As you learn how to move your soul from your brain to your heart with this visualization technique, you lighten yourself by clearing your past and emotional traumas. By transforming intense and heavy energies and emotions into beautiful and positive energies, you strengthen and revitalize yourself, you increase your life energy.

(All meditation, seminar and study contents are TSOTH and HeartMath registered and belong to Kalpten Bir. Seminars, sessions, studies and applications are not for diagnosis and/or treatment purposes.)

5. Yoga

Yoga gives you the experience of being able to relax while actively using the body with various poses and breathing. With yoga, as our bodily awareness increases, mental confusion decreases. Beginner-level classes that do not require any prerequisites such as age, weight, flexibility will help to be physically and mentally fitter throughout the day and to get more efficiency from the work to be done.

6. Wisdom of the Body

This work aims to open the energy flow in the body by bringing awareness to the body with the touches made according to the needs of the person. The work that starts with breathing and relaxation exercises helps to solve the pain caused by stress and related muscle tensions, to evacuate the emotions stuck in the trigger points with the pressure applied to certain points in the body, and to reduce the pain. With regular practice, while the body is physically relaxed, the energy flow is also balanced. This work reduces the fatigue and stress accumulated in your body, accelerates metabolism, and helps to remove toxins from the body. The applications to be made in the study are of a quality that the person can apply to himself in his daily life.

 7. Identity of the Soul


It tells you what identity you were when you came to this world, what you actually came to this world to teach and how to contribute. It is a universal destiny. For the collective consciousness, it is the most basic identity that needs to be revealed and realized. It can be presented in a positive or negative way. In any case, people learn lessons about what should or shouldn't be. However, when it is negative, it can create blockages and blockages in one's own life. Revealing this agreement with the universe in an appropriate and mindful way clears the way for blockages. Participants will learn what their core sign is and their horoscope that shows the lesson to be learned in life.

8. Awakening of the Senses / Aromatherapy Workshop


Aromatherapy is used to protect the physical and mental health of the person and to improve the emotional state of the essential oils and hydrosols obtained by using various methods from the extracts of plants, flowers and herbs that nature offers us. In the aromatherapy workshop, by having general information about aromatherapy, by emphasizing how the sense of smell works, the effects of smell on our body-mind and emotional balance, by getting to know the commonly used fixed and essential oils and hydrosols, by learning the purpose of use and their mechanism of action, information will be given about practical formulas that can be used in daily life. . Participants will have the opportunity to prepare a special formulation to support their work during the retreat.

9. Discover Your Creativity / Interactive Art Workshop

A workshop where you will get rid of your prejudices, move away from perfectionism and find expression in colors as you feel. This interactive work, in which you will differentiate from your daily routines and bring your imagination and creativity together with colors, aims to re-remember and experience the creative power within you, and talent is nothing like talent,  special skill. no condition required.

For more detailed information;

www.isiginihayat.comPlease visit the website.

How to go?

You can reach Kas via Dalaman or Antalya Airports.

Transfer (Kas and Airports)

- Paid shuttle service will be arranged from Dalaman Airport according to the number of participants.

- Request for personal pick-up services from Dalaman or Antalya airports.

About Kas

Click on the link below for detailed information about Kaş.

Terms of payment

Early Booking (Available for One-Time Payments until March 15th Payments):

-Double room per person : 2200 ₺ + VAT

-Single room per person: 2400 ₺+ VAT


Reservations made between 15 March-15 April:

-Double room per person : 2600 ₺ + VAT

-Single room per person: 2800 ₺+ VAT


Note: The prerequisite for making a reservation is payment of 50% of the fee.


To get detailed information and to make a reservation;

isigini invest@gmail.comYou can send an e-mail to the e-mail address or call the phone number 05326661116.

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