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With Gülce Tartal and Zeynep Ergen

Feminine Workshop

Saturday, January 12

Time: 17:00 - 20:00

PranaYOGA®, Sakarya 

Feminine Workshop

Place:PranaYOGA®, Sakarya

Date and time: 12 January 2019 Saturday, 17:00/20:00

Duration: 3 saat

Whole Program Fee: 260 ₺ (cash only)

Note: This workshop is for women only.

What's in the Program?

with Gülce Tartal and Zeynep Ergen, 

Would you like to Discover Our Feminine Nature, See with the Eyes of the Dream, Notice the Inspiration of Intuition, Feel the Wisdom of the Heart and Dance with the Harmony of the Body? We invite you all to sit in the Circle of Intent, do the Circle Meditation in Dream Attention, as well as delve deep into the heart with heart imagery and Discover Our Feminine Nature with Tantric Dance.

For information and reservation, you can call: 0 555 967 07 21 .

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