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Sat, 08 Sept


Githa Yoga Studio

Imagination from the Heart: Clearing the Past and Renewing Oneself

In this seminar, by clearing the burdens you brought from the past, you will balance yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and you will be able to dissolve the blockages that you are not aware of.

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Imagination from the Heart: Clearing the Past and Renewing Oneself

Saat & Yer

08 Sept 2018, 10:00 – 09 Sept 2018, 18:00

Githa Yoga Studio, Gümüşsuyu District, Saray Arkası Sk. No:39, 34437 Beyoglu/Istanbul, Turkey

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From Heart to One with Gülce Tartal and Erkan Erkaya - Healing Circle on Wednesday, February 21, between 19:30-21:30.

A seminar that can make a difference in your life with Gülce Tartal and Erkan Erkaya, experts at The School of The Heart, led by Daniel Mitel.

These transformative visualizations bring together what you see, what you feel, what you feel and what you know. When you “see” an image, you simultaneously feel “emotions” (anger, sadness, anger, etc.) or “feelings” (love, harmony, peace, clarity, etc.) and you even “feel” something in your body (an intense energy flow that heals an ailment, kundalini awakening etc). Each powerful visualization helps you, step by step, to break free from the mundane constraints of material life, balancing your mental, emotional, and physical body by realigning with your vertical axis, your Super-Self, your infinite being.

Beyond Healing, Imagination from the Heart provides us with unique and marvelous visualization exercises. It offers each person their own dream, wisdom and insight specific to their personal temperament and needs for their development.

Are you ready to master the techniques of imagery, to go deeper and better experience the beyond? You can call 0533 305 63 79 or 0212 245 92 26 or send a message to to experience your “Inner Light” and your “Inner Voice”.

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