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Imagination from the Heart: Clearing the Past and Renewing Oneself

Place:NOZ Coaching & Personal Development, Göktürk

History: 16-17 February 2019

Duration: Between 10:00 - 17:00

What Do You Learn?

With a total of six sets of exercises, each containing three imagery, you clear the past and renew yourself and live your transformation from the heart.


  1. How to carry your soul from your brain to your heart with its unique but easy-to-apply imagery system,

  2. How to transform your intense and heavy energies (anger, fear, frustration, anger, envy, depression, etc.) into positive good energies (unconditional - love, calmness, peace and harmony, etc.),

  3. To alleviate your own existence by clearing your past and emotional traumas,

  4. The techniques needed to reverse the effects of a disease,

  5. Trying to switch to lucid dream by clearing your dreams and nightmares.

  6. Cleanse, strengthen and revitalize your chakras,

  7. how to heal yourself

  8. You learn how to let go of your worries and connect with your essence.

Techniques you will learn to achieve these;

  • Change Your Energy Exercise

  • Water Exercise

  • Stop and Breathe Exercise

  • Clear Your Dream Exercise

  • Identify Repetitive Behavior Patterns Exercise

  • Clear the Energy of Your Day Exercise

  • Tibet's Past Clearing Exercise

For information and reservations, you can call: 0 532 381 5217 or 0 530 935 9720  or send an e-mail to

Note: Prepayment is 400 TL for final registration. The total fee for the training is 1200 ₺. 

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