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With Family Counselor Gülce Tartal

Imagination from the Heart:

Clearing the Past and Renewing Yourself

2-9-16-23-30 October and 6 November 2019

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

NOZ Coaching, Göktürk-Istanbul

Imagination from the Heart: Clearing the Past and Renewing Oneself

Place:NOZ Coaching, Göktürk-Istanbul

Duration: 6 weeks, every Wednesday, 2 hours

History: 2-9-16-23-30 October and 6 November 2019

Hour: 19:00 - 21:00

Fee: 1200 ₺ + VAT

If you want to realize your dreams, if you want to reach your potential, if you want your dreams to come true, you have a very important task; You must be a master at imagery.

What is Imagery?

Imagery is a very powerful skill. Now where did it come from, you might say, imagery. We're not talking about anything spiritual here. We're talking about science and research here. 


Your brain has an area called the Reticular activation system. This is where the neuron networks are located. This Center works like a filter. It allows certain information to pass into the brain. So who programs this filter? Of course you and the people who have been in your life. Let's say you find yourself unloved, guess what the reticular activation system does, it shows you all kinds of situations where you are not liked.


So what's the use? Your brain is exposed to millions of data per day. And all this data has to be filtered and transmitted to the brain. Otherwise, you guessed it, your brain will be scattered, that is, it will explode. So this system actually protects your brain by bringing to your attention only the things you focus on.

This is where you need to reprogram the Reticular activation system. You can only do this through imagination. Thus, your brain starts looking for new ways, looks for opportunities, catches coincidences. This happens only through imagination. The fact that this imagination is made from the Heart is of particular importance, because our heart has a different intelligence and wisdom. Imaginations made from the heart lead to faster results.


It records them as if they were real memories and therefore recodes your brain. So Reticular activation recodes your system. And the important thing is how much visualization you do;


1- You have so much self-confidence,

2 -The more you feel safer,

3- You take responsibility for your life so that the direction of your life changes in a positive way.

What is Heart Imagery?

Imagery from the Heart, one of the teachings of The School of The Heart, is the oldest technique used by many masters from ancient times to the present. By balancing the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of people, it helps to dissolve the blockages that they are not aware of.

As you learn how to move your soul from your brain to your heart with this visualization technique, you lighten yourself by clearing your past and emotional traumas.

What Do You Learn?

With a total of six sets of exercises, each containing three imagery, you clear the past and renew yourself and live your transformation from the heart.


  1. How to carry your soul from your brain to your heart with its unique but easy-to-apply imagery system,

  2. How to transform your intense and heavy energies (anger, fear, frustration, anger, envy, depression, etc.) into positive good energies (unconditional - love, calmness, peace and harmony, etc.),

  3. To alleviate your own existence by clearing your past and emotional traumas,

  4. The techniques needed to reverse the effects of a disease,

  5. Trying to switch to lucid dream by clearing your dreams and nightmares.

  6. Cleanse, strengthen and revitalize your chakras,

  7. how to heal yourself

  8. You learn how to let go of your worries and connect with your essence.

Techniques you will learn to achieve these;

  • Change Your Energy Exercise

  • Water Exercise

  • Stop and Breathe Exercise

  • Clear Your Dream Exercise

  • Identify Repetitive Behavior Patterns Exercise

  • Clear the Energy of Your Day Exercise

  • Tibet's Past Clearing Exercise

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