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Privacy Policy and Membership Agreement, Kemercity3 Çeşmebaşı Cd. Caliskan Sok. No:14 C/2 Göktürk is a website belonging to ERKAN ERKAYA Şahis ŞTİ. (“KALPTEN BI”) with its head office located at Eyüp/Istanbul, with TR ID number 10195283706. The following Privacy Policy explains the user rights regarding the collection, sharing and protection of the information obtained through the site on the Internet.

KALPTEN BIR'E provides consumers with information, services and content that are published on the website and are always updated and developed, and in this way, it offers this information and sells the services to consumers.
Users, by visiting the site; They declare and undertake that they accept the following items. Users who do not accept any or all of the Privacy Policy items below should not use the site. The Privacy Policy is valid only for information obtained from without using any other source or method.

1. Defined as personal information; Your name and surname and TR Identity Number, address information, e-mail address and password are securely stored with 256bit SSL encryption system so that you can easily benefit from the services on our site. The provisions of the Law No. 6698 are complied with in terms of the storage and preservation of the said data.

2. The information stored by us on our site, to benefit from the services we provide and to make a sales agreement and other related information and documents (related invoice, receipt, etc.) It is used for shipping documents, commercial electronic messages, etc.). This information can be shared with third parties in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6698, in line with the preferences of our users during a sales agreement. However, this information will not be shared by us with third parties and/or institutions, except for the preferences of the users. HEART TO ONE declares and undertakes this. Necessary measures for the security of the information and transactions entered on our site, according to the nature of the information and transaction, ERKAN ERKAYA Person ŞTİ. and/or the system and internet infrastructure by the relevant Card Organizations. All credit card transactions and approvals are carried out online between you by the relevant Bank and similar Card Institutions, independently of us. (Information such as credit card password ERKAN is not seen and recorded by ERKAYA Private ŞTİ.).

3. We use cookies (a small file containing a string of characters) to increase the traffic of our site on different websites. Most of the cookies we use are deleted from the main memory of your computer after you log out. The remaining cookies, on the other hand, are used to improve the overall quality of our services, including saving users' preferences, identifying users easily when they re-enter our site, and closely monitoring user trends. The institutions, organizations and/or persons and/or solution partners we have agreements with are not aware of collecting, distributing and using user information by using these cookies. However, this information obtained may be shared with the necessary official institutions, organizations and authorities without informing you in accordance with legal obligations and orders and instructions delivered to us by official authorities. These cookies have been developed and put into practice by us with all kinds of control. According to these controls, there are no viruses or information and data that can harm computers on cookies. However, we are not responsible in any way for any negativities that may occur in your system in case the cookies we offer may be damaged due to the software and unpreventable data submitted by malicious users or the programs such as viruses and/or Trojan horses present on your computer while making membership transactions due to your own mistakes.

In cases where our site links to other internet-websites, the privacy-security policy and terms of use of those sites are valid for all uses and transactions; ERKAN ERKAYA Private ŞTİ is responsible for the use of information from other websites accessed for advertising, banners, content from our site or for any other purpose, as well as disputes, material and moral damages and losses that may occur due to the ethical principles, privacy-security principles, service quality and other practices of the sites. . is not responsible.

4. The personal information of the users on our site can be used to inform them within the scope of our company's communication campaigns (e-mail, newsletter, etc.). If our users do not want to be informed about the promotions in question, they can stop this activity at any time by sending an e-mail to To get information about new campaigns and services, our users can sign up for our newsletter on or delete their previous records. The aforementioned notifications and notifications are carried out in accordance with the Law No. 6563 and are conveyed according to the consent obtained from you within the same law.

5. We may share our users' personal information with the institutions and organizations of the Republic of Turkey and official authorities, for legal and legal reasons, in cases such as the threat of state and public security.

6. All intellectual-industrial rights and property rights on all kinds of information and content on our site, as well as their arrangement and partial/full use (except those belonging to third parties according to the agreement with ERKAN ERKAYA Şahis ŞTİ.) belong to ERKAN ERKAYA Şahis ŞTİ. .

7. For all your questions and complaints, you can reach our customer support line by sending an e-mail to or by calling the phone numbers on our website.

8. The information collected from this site may be sold or transferred to third parties or organizations in case of changes in the company structure resulting from the sale, merger or restructuring of the company.


9. There may be partial or complete changes in the privacy policy, and these changes will be immediately corrected on the site. Corrections made depending on the changes can be announced 1) on the home page of our site 2) by sending an e-mail to our users. By continuing to use our site, you declare and undertake that you accept the changes in the privacy policy. 

ERKAN ERKAYA Private Co. Pursuant to this "membership agreement" you have signed with, the contact information (phone, address, e-mail, etc.) and other personal information I have provided during my subscription/shopping to, making your membership/sales transactions, updating them, as well as various product/sales transactions. ERKAN ERKAYA Private ŞTİ. and its business partners and suppliers to me, to be recorded indefinitely for various promotion, advertisement, promotion, communication, sales and carding applications, to be stored, processed, shared and used as and when deemed necessary. and I give consent, including the provisions of Laws No. 6698.

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