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Everything Begins With a Heartbeat...

Are You Ready to Hear Your Heart's Voice?

We are all passengers in this dream called life. While we don't know which is dream, which is real, which one is you and which one is not, we are advancing to infinity step by step.


As we progress on this journey, sometimes butterflies fly inside us, sometimes we hurt, sometimes our feet do not touch the ground, sometimes we stumble. The important thing is to learn to know oneself and stay in one's own center without getting stuck with events, situations and people. Knowing yourself starts with knowing yourself.


In individual sessions, you notice the situations that hinder you and make analyzes about them. You also experience connecting with your own essence and making it permanent.


In the seminars, you will have the opportunity to get to know yourself more closely than ever before by taking a step on a beautiful journey with the group energy and experiencing deep transformations. You will get the chance to renew yourself by getting rid of the burdens of the past. You will learn many different ways to live peacefully and calmly.


A journey to discover the master within...


From Heart to One; was established to help individuals improve their self-awareness and regain their mental, emotional and spiritual balance through individual sessions and seminars. Experience the privilege of discovering the world of the heart with the support of The School of The Heart trainers.

You will have a lot of fun in this unique experience, you will be surprised by noticing the reasons for the blockages in your life, and you will not believe what has changed in your life with these awarenesses.

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